Assure Quality with Automated App Testing

An innovation-led testing environment providing intuitive feedback on functionality and user experience, that boosts test efficiency and accelerates your mobile app development.



i.AppTesting is an end-to-end platform to test, identify bugs and optimize apps across all major mobile Operating System (OS) and devices. Developed from cloud technology, it eliminates costly, time-consuming and labor-intensive manual app testing processes while increasing the scalability for both platform coverage and elasticity. By doing so, enhancing team efficiency and project management transparency without compromising the app quality. Effortlessly test real physical devices from our cloud device farm, for you to release high-quality lucrative mobile business apps with minimal risks and expeditiously achieve the optimal engagement for users.


Rapid Automated Testing
Replace manual testing with automated testing powered by real devices from our cloud device farm, allowing you to validate all aspects of in-app user experience reliably, including functionality and performance, all in one platform.
Broad Mobile Coverage
Support all major mobile devices from iOS to Android, as well as a variety of brands and models. Simulate actual usage environments to catch cross-platform issues and resolve test failures with accuracy.
Actionable Insights
Generate rich test logs and testing reports from continuous monitoring, to provide actionable insights at your fingertips for debugging any issues with your new app or features. All to ensure your app quality and avoid hot fixes.
On-demand Executions
Reduce overall spending by paying just for what you use, determined by the number of test case creations and executions. That means no upfront investment on setting up and maintaining a pool of physical testing devices and hardware infrastructure.


Ensure Release Quality
  • Lean on continuous monitoring to effectively identify critical bugs for higher performance stability, optimize features on-the-go and confidently rollout mobile app with low error rates to ensure consistent user experience.
  • Test native and hybrid mobile apps on multiple devices concurrently via our all-in-one platform. Easily access cloud devices directly from your workstations, amplifying team productivity, thereby removing development bottlenecks while accelerating delivery velocity.
  • Eliminate the need to maintain an internal device lab; without having to provision and manage labour resources required for running high volumes of continuous testing or other tedious, repetitive tasks in the process.
  • Reduce overhead costs via on-demand scaling and flexible deployment based on price-predictable subscription model per execution, with zero expenses on investing and configuring any testing tools or infrastructure in your company.


    HK $24,000
    (HK$1,200 per execution) 
    30 test case creations
    20 executions (per created test case)
    Valid for 1 year
    HK $105,000
    (HK$700 per execution) 
    100 test case creations
    150 executions (per created test case)
    Valid for 1 year
    > 100 test case creations
    Unlimited executions
    Valid for > 1 year
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    5 test case creations
    10 executions per created test case
    Valid for 1 month
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