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Efficiently secure your critical on-premise, SaaS or cloud native data with our portfolio of industry-leading data protection solutions through the cloud.



DataBackup.aaS is our new generation of cloud data protection delivering enterprise-grade technology in a simple way. Our comprehensive solution helps reduce the risk of losing your vulnerable assets to disaster, data corruption, accidental deletion, and other malicious attacks. With a platform built for scale and performance, DataBackup.aaS dramatically simplifies backups for all breadths of coverage, makes instant recovery possible, and ensures business continuity. Harnessing leading technology to protect your data wherever it lives ought to play an essential part in any pre-emptive strategic planning. DataBackup.aaS provides you with default configuration and streamlined procedures that is capable of reducing TCO and operational overhead, modernising your data management approach and upkeep business resilience.


Endpoint & Microsoft 365 Backup
Get automated backups and prevent data loss across laptops, desktops and entire Microsoft 365 suite, including Exchange Online, Teams, SharePoint, OneDrive. Unlimited scalable storage with flexible and granular restoration for your own devices.
VMs & Kubernetes Backup
Protect data comprehensively for containers, covering a full range of multi-environment hybrid workloads. Enjoy optimal performance and hyper-fast recovery with our unique storage flexibility and snap-streaming of data blocks.
File & Object Backup
Optimize efficient unstructured data retrieval, including Azure Blob, Azure Files, Windows File Systems, and Linux File Systems with cost-effective protection. Point-in-time and granular restorations for reliable recovery and speedy performance.
Database Backup
Safeguard your structured data through on-premises backup copies and secondary cloud copies. Robust integration with vendors’ native tools to protect enterprise-critical Microsoft SQL, Oracle, SAP HANA and Active Directory from threats.


Ultimate Security with Total Coverage
  • Our enterprise-grade protection goes beyond backup and disaster recovery to secure your business-critical data wherever they reside and easily retain them on-prem or to the cloud.
  • Advanced encryption and multi-layered security for unparalleled ransomware protection, improving cyber resilience to ensure a path to downtime recovery and restore business operations quickly.
  • Our intuitive console enables you to radically simplify and manage data complexity, streamline your workflows by offloading unnecessary data, making modern data backup and protection effortless.
  • Legacy infrastructure silos can be eliminated by consolidating mass data fragmentation on a single platform, with our rapid deployment to easily on-ramp to hybrid and multi-cloud altogether with aaS.
  • On-demand access for ready-to-use data protection, that revolves around simple easy-to-measure capacity subscriptions, to improve business agility for a more predictable OpEx cost model.
  • Hyper scale architecture with zero hardware, network or infrastructure expenses. Always meeting your elastic capacity needs in a worry-free data protection environment managed on your behalf.


Your Own Device
Virtual Machine
HK $580 /month
(Min. 12-month Contract) 
24-month: HK$490 /month
36-month: HK$450 /month
5 users
Support MS Windows/ Linux/ Mac
Azure as storage platform
Configuration services with skill transfer (for 1 user and 1 OS during normal office hours)
HK $930 /month
(Min. 12-month Contract) 
24-month: HK$780 /month
36-month: HK$700 /month
5 users
Support MS Windows/Linux/Mac
Azure as storage platform
Exchange Online
SharePoint Online
One Drive for Business
Configuration services with skill transfer (for 1 user, 1 OS and 1 Microsoft 365 application during normal office hours )
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