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A one-stop solution integrating DevSecOps to connect your business


ASL as a Service

You can now experience, learn and utilize our cloud native as a Service through DevSecOps integration, to unlock agility and accelerate your digital transformation with our following on-demand services:

App as a Service
Sec as a Service
Ops as a Service
A paradigm shift with IoT solutions for real-time monitoring, boosting team productivity, optimizing the use of space and delivering actionable utilization insights.
Faster, smarter and market-proven property sales management system that automates your entire transaction process and improve your customer experience.
An innovative IoT training course designed to nurture younger generation on STEM theories and hands-on applications through interactive teaching.
A regional, market-proven virtual event platform empowering you to plan, customize and manage impactful events with audience engagement anytime, anywhere.

Business Solutions

Whether you are seeking to enhance your customer experience, combat cyber-attacks or automate workflows, we have the suitable solutions for you to choose.

Customer Experience
Modernize your customer experience through our one-stop, customer-centric digital platform with real-time visibility that elevates user satisfaction across the entire lifecycle.
Revolutionize your business to a future-ready enterprise with our all-compassing IoT solutions that unlock efficiencies, and provide greater insights for creating new business opportunities.
Leverage latest technologies to manage malicious acts to keep your IT environment secure against unwanted intrusions. Offering an integrated service approach to well equip your business and personnel for dealing with existing and emerging cybersecurity threats.
Provide a complete platform environment with end-to-end deployment to reduce maintenance, on-going management and overhead costs. Adopting a holistic approach towards any forms of cloud enablement tailored to best fit your specific business needs.
Reinvent your hybrid workplace securely with business continuity and productivity in the new normal. Embrace mobility and enable a seamless remote workforce experience wherever your people are located.
Unleash learners’ creativity and problem-solving skills with our STEM training courses, tailored by experienced educators and IT professionals. Empower learners to become future-ready talents in the innovation world.

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