About ASL Marketplace

About ASL Marketplace


ASL Marketplace is a one-stop cloud service platform that signifies the Group’s investment for sustainable development. It brings together a series of cloud native “as-a-Service”, leveraging our expertise in software development, network security, and omni-channel management. It enables enterprises to quickly deploy business solutions with speed-to-market at a lower cost. Currently, our Marketplace platform serves the following three main functions: (1) Enable customer participation through the online service market (2) Offer scheduled video sessions and demo labs (3) Provide innovative business service models, allowing IT services to be charged on demand Our branded “as-a-Service” comprises of a self-developed i. series and an .aaS series that integrates our IT services with different cloud native technologies. Powered by our Solution Center at a corporate level, ASL Marketplace is committed to meet customer’s digital transformation needs today and tomorrow.

Experience, Learn and Utilize – All on our Cloud Native ASL Marketplace

Interactive Cloud Agility
Explore our comprehensive portfolio of business solutions ranging from infrastructure to emerging technologies, with advanced features on our intuitive, secure cloud platform. You can achieve business objectives faster, easier, and more cost-efficient with our as a Service.
Hands-on Digital Solutions
Book our virtual demo lab to experiment with the business solution tailored to fit your digital needs. Our solution expert can guide you through our practical solutions by enriching you with hands-on experience and tech-savvy advice to tackle your unique challenges.
Flex with Pay-per-use
Break down the barriers to entry with our consumption-based subscription offered in tiered packages. You can avoid heavy upfront costs along with overprovisioning. Rightsize your solutions to eliminate complex capacity planning yet accommodate your needs.

Why ASL?

Trusted Advisor with Global Presence
  • Largest quality professional services contract provider for the Hong Kong Government, with strong accolades across the Financial Services and Insurance, Healthcare, Education, and Transportation sectors. Successfully empowered global enterprises with IT advisory spanning Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, Mainland China, Thailand, the United States and Europe. Along with ASL’s 16 R&D centers worldwide, we can easily qualify as your trustworthy unified technology services partner.
    • Entrust your day-to-day IT operations and management to our omni-channel managed services platform - Unified Operation Center (UOC) that embodies ASL’s proven DevSecOps expertise, powered by our ASL Threat Intelligence Platform (A-TIP) and industry’s best practices to deliver IT Operations as a Service under the multi-cloud environment securely. Streamline your workflows with AI-enabled services for greater agility and accelerated digital transformation for future-readiness.
      • Benefit from one of the region’s most proficient application developers, IT professionals, certified security experts, data scientists, ITIL and Scrum masters. With over 2,000 regional employees and an extensive network of leading global partners with whom we have invested heavily over many years, we are able to offer customers an array of innovative cloud-native solutions and services tailored to your specific business needs throughout the entire IT lifecycle.
        • Promote hyper-automation with custom deployment and support, to ensure agility, integration and smarter enabling of cloud adoption. Equipped to deliver certified leading services across cloud, security, infrastructure to data management, smart applications, containerization, open source and more. We pursue intangible aim of acquiring essential competencies, value creation, and above all.
          • Leveraging ASL’s 49+ years of deep industry-specific experience and cross-platform IT knowledge, we are here to optimize your choice of cloud technologies in as a Service model. Our unique technology neutrality brings you the widest, and market-proven cloud technology options that best suit your particular business needs.